The Indonesian Toy Manufacturers Association - Asosiasi Pengusaha Mainan Indonesia, abbreviated as APMI was established in 1992. The establishment was admited by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, Mr. Arifin Siregar on March 16, 1992.

APMI is the only organization for toy manufacturers in Indonesia with the objective to create and develope the competitive toy industry. It maintains and developes the effort and activity of the toys manufacturers for the need of bussiness world domestically and abroad.

The roles of APMI are :

* to unit, lead and improve the bussiness competitiveness and activity of its member;
* to struggling for the aspiration and the needs of the members;
* to provide and exchange information from and to the members;
* to coordinate the research and development, the education and training for its members;
* to provide communication chanel between its members and related goverment instances, local and abroad;
* to coordinate the relationship between the economic corporation, national and international and the other institution which are concerned and useful for the organization